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Career change-Mortgage adviser

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olympicfan Sun 26-Jun-16 20:34:01

Posting on here as well as Money Matters.

Hi- After 21 years teaching I have decided to leave the classroom and I now want to take my life in different direction. I have always been interested in finance, property and people. As an English teacher, I have a good eye for detail and strangely 'enjoy' filling in forms! A friend of mine suggested becoming a mortgage adviser and the more I research it the more interested I have become.

A family friend is an estate agent so I am going to ask if there is a possibility to work-shadow their mortgage adviser, but wanted to know if there are any other mortgage advisers out there who could give some insight into the job.

I have looked up the CeMAP courses and I am quite keen to retrain and learn a new profession. My real question is, will I be able to get a job in this sector? And will a company take me on with no sales experience? Is it too big a risk to pay for a course with no chance of a job at the end?


cuckooplusone Mon 27-Jun-16 14:27:54


My partner is a mortgage broker and has his own business. I would expect that it would be best to build up some experience working with others and learn about the business. Pay tends to be commission led so you may find that you will be earning a lot less at first until you find your feet.

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