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Improving ICT

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GettinTrimmer Tue 21-Jun-16 17:22:05

I hope someone can advise me here - I need to improve my knowledge with ICT, I was thinking of doing the ECDL or I've just seen an ad for doing an IGCSE in ICT - has anybody done either of these qualifications?

I want to make myself more employable in an admin role. I have a good working knowledge of Word, but Excel is very rusty.


FinnMcCool Tue 21-Jun-16 20:39:16

I work in IT. I have not done either of those qualifications.
But if you are hoping for an admin office job using a PC, rather than trying to get a job in an IT support role, then the ECDL is more suited to you.

SherryRB Wed 22-Jun-16 13:47:36

there are some fab online resources - maybe one of these might help. I don't have connections with any of them - it's one of the chapters in my back to work ebook for technology, creative and business skills free online courses courses from top universities free online courses from The Open University tech skills from Silicon Valley companies more than 40,000 online skills courses

MrsConnelly Wed 22-Jun-16 14:19:07

I did the ECDL Essentials and ECDL Extra courses a couple of years ago. The ECDL Extra course covered Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

I did the course because I was, and still am, looking for work and thought it would be a good thing to have on my CV. One of my local councils actively seeks it as a qualification to "prove" that you can use a computer/computer packages.

The only thing I would say is that because I haven't managed to find a job I've since forgotten pretty much everything I (re-)learnt on Excel!

I think there are some providers who are offering free online courses for this such as

Good luck.

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