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They lost my MatB1

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KimMullard Sun 12-Jun-16 07:03:01

So LO is 8 months & I'm wanting to return to work, I'm in the fitness industry & being the Wiley cat I am decided waaaaay before I got pregnant to get a few contracted hours in place (I freelance too) as back up for that special moment...
That special moment came I fell pregnant, so I duly alerted management; one company perfect! Risk assessment, work timing/schedule with mat pay etc, the other... Nothing, nada! Bit miffed but spoke to exercise coordinator& confirmed dates to leave & she said would love me back (not blowing my own trumpet but I had good numbers & a loyal following)
Fast forward to now, back at job 1, 2nd job only just asked for matB1 after LO was born (he's now 8 months) but not seen/heard anything, ended up chasing HO too, 5th email now sent copying in coordinator, site manager & mythical contact at HO but I'm still waiting! I know it's now passed 6 months where I believe they need to honour my hours but in my case I chased & asked waaaaay before then but feel I've been put off/ignored, so once again I'm chasing! I managed to secure a class through my own means but not what I was teaching, where do I stand on this? I've been there since 2011 teaching 4 contracted hours of popular classes (& then some)
Anyone have suggestions on where to go/what to say? Don't want to upset the apple cart but feel I've been taken for a fool :-(

KimMullard Thu 16-Jun-16 05:58:23

Confused still... Wrote email to manager AGAIN & still nothing, maternity pay is ending soon :-(

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