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BobbieMarie Sat 11-Jun-16 13:09:44


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BobbieMarie Sat 11-Jun-16 09:52:56

Ok, so this is gonna be a bit of a long post but if anyone can help I'd* really* appriciate it!
Bit of background.... At school I was bullied so naturally I never wanted to go. I used to fake illness & all sorts & my mum was far too soft on me! Meaning I come with only a D, E & 2Fs for gcses. After school I did a health & social care level 1 course & completed it with a merit. I did that course to get onto the childcare course which I then left early because I kept getting deferred on my work & I was told if I got one more I'd fail automatically & that was the first assignment. No tutor helped me so I left. The next year (18years old by this point) I signed onto an I.T course because I've always been good with computers. The college signed me up to the wrong one they put me on the wrong I.T course & they couldn't switch me because the other was full already. I carried on with the course anyway then was going to do the other after but a few months later (december) I got a really bad kidney infection (I was yellow & the dr was really worried) I had time off obviously then when I went back they wanted me to work over Christmas to catch up. I was still feeling rough at this point & wasn't prepared to do it for a course I originally didn't want to be on so again I left (I know it's bad). I took a year off decided what I wanted to do, decided at 20 I wanted to do beauty. I loved the course, loved going but at the time I was in a controlling relationship & stupidly let him convince me to yet again leave sad I decided at 21 I wanted to go back but a few weeks after deciding I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. So I decided I'd go back when she was around 3. I had my son 2 weeks after my daughters 3rd birthday so clearly that didn't go to plan...
Well now.. My son is 8 months. I don't actually need to work because my other half earns just enough for us to get by but we do struggle with our shopping budget. So I've decided to look for work so we can have spare money, have a better life, I can have an adult life finally I want to change my life, do something for me.
Don't get me wrong I love being home with my kids but I need to get out the house & interact with adults about something other then paw patrol or Bing! envy lol.

So currently I'm 25 with no work experience because I haven't yet had a job & no qualifications which is an absolute joke believe me I know! But I'm looking at jobs & pretty much everything needs experience or qualifications or a car (I don't drive). I've asked my mum to ask if they need anyone in the home she works at for cleaning or admin so she's ot a form for me but is there any particular sites I'd be better off looking at or companies which id be better off applying to.
I can only work Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday because that's the days my mum doesn't work to have the kids. (She's agreed to have them so that I don't have to have all my wages go on childcare & make the whole thing pointless because we need the extra money)
All I need is a push in the right direction with where to look & hopefully fingers crossed someone will give me a chance halo I hope!!

& also if anyone has any tips on making my cv look better that would help me a lot I got depressed trying to do it yesterday because it's just going to hold me back not help me! sadsad

Thankyou for reading smile

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