Anxious at returning to work

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SaffaQueen Wed 08-Jun-16 18:38:21

I'm due back at work in just over a month after a year off on maternity leave but am feeling more & more anxious about returning. Mainly because I think my work are going to try get rid of me. I understand that you are somewhat protected in that they need to offer you an equivalent role, but I suspect they may offer me an "equivalent role" that is not actually on par with my previous role...
I have been asking for a couple of months now to confirm my role & if my role has changed how it has / fits in with team structure to radio silence. Now recently out of the blue I have been asked by HR to contact them about a role that has "become available" in the Company. It almost feels like I need to interview for it! This after originally being told my role still exists but responsibilities may have shifted within the team!

Any tips on rights / how to handle this?

Have to say I am dreading returning because I'm not being made to feel particular welcome in returning.... Oh to win the Euromillions...

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