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FDM - Getting back to work programme

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winkywinkola Sun 05-Jun-16 16:22:58

I've stumbled across this.

I can't decide whether it looks too good to be true or dodgy in terms of commitments post training.

VioletBam Mon 06-Jun-16 06:55:51

If you listen to your instincts, they're often correct.

Read that. Apparently people end up tied in dreadful contracts.

At first glance, my impression was that their website is bad...looks amateurish.

MilesHuntsWig Mon 06-Jun-16 07:01:51

I work at a large tech company and we use FDM quite a lot and have offered permanent contracts to quite a few of the developers/testers that we've had from them (initially as contractors). Not sure how it is working for them for the first two years but it can lead to good permie jobs.

VioletBam Mon 06-Jun-16 08:09:16

I'm not sure it is hand and foot now! She has developed a red rash by her know where your side boob would be? There..on both sides...that is both itchy and sore and rough. What could it be?

MilesHuntsWig Mon 06-Jun-16 19:32:16


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