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Interview wen so well but.....

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missphilippa28 Fri 27-May-16 12:40:48

Ok so today I had an interview at Estate Agents absolutely was applying on wim one click applies and stumbled into an interview. Today I had the interview the gentleman who said it was a flawless interview and we went over by 10-15 minutes.
At the end of the interview I expressed extreme concern over the commission only approach and total lack of training to which he said I could do an intensive training workshop with him in six weeks. Still seemingly unsure he said he had an off the cuff idea which he was reluctant to say but said it was at the new branch opening soon and being administrator full time and working myself into the business gradually.
Now I'm lost do I have a job don't I have a job, is working in an estate agency manageable as a single parent. My partner is developer so could make a health commission from his developments, as well as his network.
Secondary to that I currently live in a small village where there is 0 childcare my eldest is at school 9-3 and my youngest 9-12 no morning or after school clubs. So I'd have to get a nanny.
I feel that if the company wants me and wiling to make a place for me I have someway of asking for my hours whether it be 3 days in the office and the rest from home. I'll do added administration if I have to go on a viewing to catch up and put in alot of hours at home.
Do you think it is unrealistic, do you think I even got a job, what are your experiences. I've never had an interview with an under the table idea.


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BatLetRat Fri 27-May-16 12:48:59

Well nothing is clear at all here is it? You should be very clear on position, hours, salary and job details.

This sounds like the sort of job that won't ever materialise properly. Just skip it and find something more solid

missphilippa28 Fri 27-May-16 12:59:34

I think what is unclear is that I went for a job within an estate agency but due to commission only and self employed style of work, the interviewer offered an option where I'd have a regular income.

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RaeSkywalker Fri 27-May-16 13:14:12

So has he offered you a full time, salaried administrative position, instead of a commission-only sales role? I'd take the salaried role in a heartbeat and not move into commission-only, ever. Do you have administrative experience? If it's a new branch he may expect you to take a lead on setting things up- do you have experience of initiating business processes?

Honestly, I think it sounds a bit dodgy and I would keep looking for something that is more suited to your family situation. Whatever you do, do not get excited about this opportunity until you are presented with a salary and contract, and then decide what to do based on that.

It all seems a bit erratic- you were told you gave a perfect interview for a sales job and instead of speaking of the benefits of that role, the hiring manager offered you an admin role? I will occasionally interview people and start the discussion by saying I've reviewed their CV and think they might actually be better suited to another role within my team, and ask if they'd like to see the job description, but I wouldn't say they were perfect for something and then switch it at the last minute!

BatLetRat Fri 27-May-16 13:21:30

Don't do it. This is a tactic used by estate agents, I've heard of it before.

missphilippa28 Thu 02-Jun-16 21:53:25

I can't imagine offering someone a job a tactic but to update .... Ive arranged a meet tomorrow at a local cal coffe shop with soon to be manager at the new store. I'm hoping to be able compromise a job of part time hours in the office and training from home, this will benefit someone else a part time admin position. On top of that because the office is not open yet I can work from home in the mean time and be able to find a nanny. Will I be able to get 15 free hours of Nanny care due to no other childcare in the surrounding villages and rural location..... I'm so nervous about the meeting what do I wear, what do I eat, I've never come across this but they didn't say no.

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