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chocolatebourbon Thu 19-May-16 16:38:11

I'm applying for a teaching assistant role. I have adult teaching experience and have spent the last four years at home with my own children, but otherwise my previous work experience is not directly relevant. Any tips to make my CV stand out from the crowd or as to what they will be looking for? This is my dream family-compatible job so I imagine there will be plenty others out there who think the same thing.

BackforGood Thu 19-May-16 23:34:46

Do you have the qualifications they are asking for?

Do you even have any volunteering experience with this age group ?

IME, TA positions in school are usually flooded with applicants - these would be the first 2 filters to start whittling down the number of application forms to a more manageable number.

hairygodmother Thu 19-May-16 23:49:38

I got a job as a TA as my first job back after having children. I had experience teaching adults too but not children. But I had spent quite a lot of time in my children's school, mainly helping with reading or other things in class as needed, but also being an occasional lunchtime supervisor when people were off sick. If you've done anything like that, make sure that is somewhere prominent on your CV, experience working with the age group will be valued. Also any other school involvement, e.g. PTA.

chocolatebourbon Fri 20-May-16 08:34:47

Thanks very much for your replies. Their only requirements are experience working with children and a specific language requirement that is fine for me but may filter other people out. I have helped out a lot at school, with loads of trips, cooking workshops and things like that. From next week I will be helping with their swimming trips two afternoons a week which feels like a big commitment for a volunteer (4hrs a week). Also have a big role in the PTA. I think I will big those up a lot. I guess it is a question of totally rewriting your CV to focus on what is most relevant for the role. I feel that all I have done for the last four years is look after children, but selling that is a different thing altogether.

chocolatebourbon Fri 20-May-16 08:38:18

And I like the realism check BackforGood - I assumed they would be flooded as there are no specific qualifications required - hence the need to make that CV shine.

hairygodmother Sat 21-May-16 16:25:39

Good luck with your application. Yes, totally re-jig your CV to fit the job. The TA job was my first job in over five years and I felt very low in confidence and quite unsure of myself. But having got the job and the confidence boost I needed, I was then able to move on and apply for other things (and get them!) as time went on. It's very rewarding being a TA; just try not to think of the money, or the lack thereof!

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