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Working while on maternity leave ...

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jackenorie Wed 18-May-16 10:54:16

... so my maternity leave is going to end in July. I am really struggling to survive and pay bills and rent on maternity pay so am already looking to find a new job. I quit my previous job as I had a two hour commute everyday and am unable to find childcare open early and late enough in the day (7am - 7pm)... also the wage I was on doesn't justify the travel- and childcare cost ... plus I would hardly see my kids.
How did you deal with that month where maternity pay doesn't stretch enough to cover bills/rent, childcare and travelcost - before getting a decent paycheck again?

DarlingCoffee Wed 18-May-16 16:41:40

You accrue holiday whilst on maternity leave so your employer should pay you for that following your resignation. Worth checking up on!

Pollyputhtekettleon Wed 18-May-16 16:48:25

What about your baby's father? Is he able to provide for the shortfall till you get paid at the end of your first month working? Could you speak to the landlord about paying him that months rent at the end of the month when your pay check arrives?

jackenorie Wed 18-May-16 16:59:54

Thanks for your input. The baby's dad is working full time but both our monthly income stretches as far as it can with us scraping the pennies in the last week of the month. Once I go back to work we will obviously have two full incomes again but we will also be hit with an additional GBP800 -1000!!! a month for childcare.
I don't think the accrued holiday will cover much of that to be honest. Its hard going to work out what expenditure to expect when you don't even have that income yet.

LIZS Wed 18-May-16 17:06:07

Have you formally resigned yet? Iirc you can't work and receive Smp except for KIT days.

jackenorie Wed 18-May-16 17:38:50

Hi Lizs, I found that out last week. Bit of a farce to be honest. So you suddenly have a new little human being to look after but are expected to live two thirds of what you used to bring home. It frustrates me. There's plenty of people saying don't have kids if you can't afford which is winding me up hugely. My partner worked overseas and earned a good amount before we decided to have kids. Then his mum fell gravely ill and he decided to stay home to look after her until she passed away, always with the plan to go back overseas once everything is dealt with. Unfortunately he didn't get a contract for almost two years and worked locally.The average wage around here is practically bare minimum so we ended up in debt before our baby was even born. I'm now waiting out two more months of my maternity leave before going back to work ... it's a long wait and beans on toast

IceMaiden73 Thu 19-May-16 08:08:19

You could finish maternity leave early

It's not a farce, the SMP is there to help you get paid something while you are off work with your child. It was your choice to have a child, so why should you get more than that? In many countries there is no SMP at all

poocatcherchampion Thu 09-Jun-16 07:48:55

Is it really true you can't work and be on smp?

My contract doesn't preclude part time working and there is nothing in our maternity policy either. I am part time and thinking about setting up another part time freelance job and didn't think there would be a problem.

icklekid Thu 09-Jun-16 07:53:15

Yes if its a struggle can you talk to work about going back sooner? Lots of people can't take as long as they would like because of costs

PotteringAlong Thu 09-Jun-16 07:54:59

If you want to work just finish your maternity leave early and go back to work.

SweepTheHalls Thu 09-Jun-16 07:55:25

That's why you take the amount of leave that suits the individual. We can only afford for me to take 6 months.

PotteringAlong Thu 09-Jun-16 07:55:36

poocatcher yes it's true. You cannot claim smp and work at the same time.

poocatcherchampion Thu 09-Jun-16 18:45:31

Presumably you can work once SMP has run out and you are living on fresh air? (In another role I mean)

Thanks for advice on this btw

FauxFox Fri 10-Jun-16 12:31:59

You can freelance on a Self Employed basis without affecting SMP:
"If you do any work in a self-employed capacity during your MPP, then such work will not affect your SMP." from HMRC

poocatcherchampion Fri 10-Jun-16 12:32:38

That's what I thought fox. And thanks for the link!

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