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Should I do a horticulture course?

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hungryheidi Wed 11-May-16 20:00:52

Hi all

Advice needed from anyone in the know! I have a degree in nursing, worked as a nurse for 15 years but am now a SAHM. When my youngest starts school I want to be in a position to get a job, and was thinking I'd love to work with plants as I really enjoy gardening and I'd like a career change!

Has anyone done a horticulture course, and have you found a related job since? I was thinking of enrolling for the RHS horticulture level 2 course, and if I enjoy it then taking it from there?

Any advice gratefully received!!! Thanks

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jclm Sun 22-May-16 15:43:24

I have no experience of gardening sorry. But I am doing a 'women in construction' course and it is wonderful to have an active job. Would you look for an apprenticeship before going self employed? It might be worth your while to ring gardeners locally and chat to them about their experiences.

EustachianTube Sun 22-May-16 15:52:52

How about something like the homebase garden academy scheme? They're just about to start recruiting again.
You do a year's horticulture training and get the chance to help with the garden at the Chelsea flower show and are guaranteed a job at the end if you pass.

hungryheidi Wed 25-May-16 21:20:36

Thanks for that. I was thinking of volunteering somewhere first, and then doing a course if I like it. An apprenticeship may be the way to go, and I'd never heard of the Homebase course but it's definitely worth looking into! Lots to think about. Thanks again for your ideas! X

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