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Had some useful feedback, how to act on it

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StealthPolarBear Wed 11-May-16 12:19:48

I recently went for an interview (internal) and received some feedback that I hadn't done enough of something in particular. My manager and I were puzzled by thay as I definitely do, and she has suggested that I'm probably not selling myself enough which rings true.
What is the specific skill o need to work on here. I suspect Im good at selling my skills in writing, so application form fine, but at interview I fail to make enough of my experiences and there will be some element of being put on the spot and reacting under pressure.
just wondering if anyone has any specific suggestions

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Stillunexpected Wed 11-May-16 14:11:22

In which skill did they say you were lacking experience?

Curlyblow Wed 11-May-16 14:46:22

I suffer/suffered from 'mind going blank' syndrome in interviews as well, resulting in me not getting across my strengths/experience sufficiently. I luckily came across a colleague who was able to mentor me a bit and one trick/advice really helped with this (disclaimer: prob only works if you are a 'visual' left brain type of person).

Identify the 'themes' will likely be asked on eg. Communication, leadership, technical skill specific to role, problem solving. Obv this depends on role

With a pencil divide piece of paper in to 4 (cross in middle) boxes and put each theme as a heading in different colour pencil (pen, whatever). Then using same colour as headings jot down some examples of your strength in this areas (be specific) eg: communication - did presentation on X to bosses/clients/whoever which was well received/praised/garnered new business as opposed to just 'I often do presentations'

When in interview I found if asked a question it would usually fit under one of the themes. Give yourself time to think by having a sip of water, deep breath, and you'll usually think, this is a communication question, green, I had under green something about presentations or your other examples. This in my experience will trigger you to remember and expand on and allow you to talk more confidently.

I realise not everyone's brain is wired up this way, but it worked for me.

Good luck.

StealthPolarBear Wed 11-May-16 15:41:26

Thank you, that does sound really helpful.
still it was working at a strategic level, which I do. SI I suspect I just didn't talk enough or confidently enough about it

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