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any proof-readers, copy-editors, publishers etc?

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oxcat1 Sat 07-May-16 11:25:35


I am trying to get into work after several years of with severe illness. I have a PhD in English Literature and taught a little before becoming ill, and I have done several small researching/proof-reading projects since.

I would really like to get into publishing, but all my applications have drawn a blank, even when I am seemingly well- (or even over-)-qualified, but obviously under-experienced.

Is it worth spending money that I haven't got/investing in proper training on courses from the Publishing Training Centre or SfEP? Will that make potential employers see that I am serious, or is it all about experience?

Any thoughts or leads hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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Oly5 Sat 07-May-16 16:31:22

Hello! I'm not in publishing but I am a journalist. I'll offer what advice I can.
I think what's really important is some work experience. Call up the big publishing houses and tell them you'd like to do work experience. This will be unpaid but once you've been to a couple of places, it will really update your CV.
Use the work experience to find out as much as you can from people in the know. Do they want you to have formal qualifications, which ones are the best etc?
I would also get yourself on Twitter and LinkedIn. Start following publishers/publishing houses/recruitment consultants who deal with publishing on Twitter.
Send the ones you're interested in direct messages asking for advice on the best way forward.
Be bold and confident without being annoying. But believe in yourself.
Good luck!

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