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WWYD looking for work while on Mat leave

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Jellybean81 Tue 26-Apr-16 23:21:33

My mat leave is due to come to an end in two months and I've amazingly got to the second stage interview for a really interesting role with great long term prospects.

I'm feeling guilty though as I haven't declared I'm on maternity leave, if you moved jobs while on maternity leave did you declare the situation? If so when in the process?
Also how was the notice period handled? I can't start the job until the end of July as DS will be looked after by granny while she's off on the summer holidays - I have a 3 month notice period which would roughly get me there but I don't know if that will stand given I'm not at work!
Finally when should I ask my prospective employer for flexible working? I'd ideally like to do 4 days but would be prepared to compromise and go ft provided I can do one day at home. WWYD get the offer then negotiate? i appreciate that they can just say no and am trying to get my head around the idea of working full time again.

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GeezAJammyPeece Wed 27-Apr-16 00:54:40

No real help here im afraid....

But, before you do anything, check your mat leave paperwork (if you have any) or find out through other means if there are any penalties for leaving your current employer.
It may or may not be standard, but I know where I work, there is a clause meaning you need to pay back part of paid maternity pay possibly a percentage of what you are paid if you take the extended leave, over & above statutory?? if you leave before or at the end of your leave; or within Xx months of return.

I'm not sure you have to tell the possible new employer at this time, that you are on maternity leave; but it seems a bit disingenuous not to. I'd be worried they would think it implied a disregard for your current employers position (they are after all keeping your job for you) and by extention, leave a concern over how you would behave towards the new place if you got the chance to move on from there.

However, it sounds like you are really excited by the new opportunity, so I do hope it works out for you.

Jellybean81 Wed 27-Apr-16 07:53:56

Thanks for the reply! Sorry to drip feed - I'd removed the background as felt my 1st post was too long. I won't need to pay anything back as I joined the company while pregnant so didn't qualify for maternity pay. I've been to a few KIT days and get the impression that my role is likely to change significantly or I may be made redundant so I started looking for a move to preempt this.

You're right there really shouldn't be a reason for me to not mention that I'm on maternity leave. As part of the next stage I'm due to sit down with my prospective manager for a 1:1 so hopefully I'll get the chance to mention it then.

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HarlotBronte Wed 27-Apr-16 16:50:29

Why on earth would you feel guilty? There's nothing to feel guilty about. Having taken ML isn't relevant to the job you're applying for, it's possible they wouldn't even welcome the information anyway. If they know, it means they might be viewed as taking it into consideration, which of course is inappropriate.

That said, I've applied for more than one new job whilst on ML and in every case they knew. Twice because I offered it as a reason why I wasn't prepared to start for 3 months, once because one of the interviewers was an old colleague who I'd kept in touch with and knew I'd had a baby anyway. I got offered 2 out of the 3 jobs if that helps. In each case, the notice period was 'worked' during my ML. I don't believe you can be required to come back from ML simply to work your notice, this is of course a separate issue from enhanced maternity pay. So by all means mention if it you feel it's something it would be helpful for them to know. But in your shoes I'd think carefully about why you think it's important, and also bear in mind that you may be giving them information they would rather not have.

Jellybean81 Wed 27-Apr-16 17:34:47

Thanks HarlotBronte. You raise some good points, I guess the start date/mat leave discussions didn't come up until you'd been offered the jobs?

Guilty isn't the right word, I just don't want to give them any reason to doubt my integrity.

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HarlotBronte Wed 27-Apr-16 17:58:09

In all cases I raised it at the interview, although I realise it's different when the interview is with an old work pal. One of the others was also with someone I knew of from the grapevine, so it didn't feel as formal iyswim. I just thought it was best to put it all on the table and explain that I was only going to be available at X date because of ML, so if they wanted someone soon I was not that person. Made my chosen start date a condition of accepting the job, negotiated in the same way as salary etc. Seemed fairest all round, but the same would've been true if the delay was so I could go travelling or finish a course.

I get the integrity point. While I find the idea ridiculous, clearly enough people think less than full disclosure about ML related stuff is dodgy that it's worth factoring them in. I just think you also have to consider that they may feel knowing could then cast doubt on their integrity, if there's any suggestion later that they took it into consideration.

Jellybean81 Wed 27-Apr-16 18:11:29

Thanks for your responses I'm thoroughly confused now but might end up playing by ear during the second interview.

Is there anyone out there who didn't disclose they were on maternity leave during the selection process?

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