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Return to work/Career change and Childcare

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PastaLaFeasta Sat 23-Apr-16 13:40:09

I'm looking to go back to work now DC2 is off to school. I've been home six years with one year maternity included. I have studied for AAT (started and stopped ACCA) and have voluntary work experience with a little finance work but not an actual finance role. I have a potential opportunity for a short term full-time role finance in September but won't find out until nearer the time so there's no guarantee.

So do I go ahead and book wrap around childcare (£2k a term not including holidays) or is it too much of a risk. And how do I figure out how employable I am if the potential role above doesn't work out? I don't know anyone in the field but spoke to a senior finance professional who advised taking any job possible, not necessarily related, so it doesn't sound promising. Is there any way to gauge my likely success in finding a decent role come September so I can feel more confident about booking childcare before the places are all filled up? I know I'm not good at selling myself, on my CV or in interview.

I also have chronic pain and mobility issues, although they've not impacted on my voluntary work.

I'm in outer London so lots of jobs, but lots of competition for jobs and childcare. I'm a graduate (Russell Group) and worked in the civil service for six years before DC1, but that now feels irrelevant sad

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jclm Fri 29-Apr-16 12:15:38

I would not book and pay for childcare amounting to 2k until I'd signed a contract for a job, regardless of how few childcare spaces there are... You could always hire a before/after school nanny if wraparound care is fully booked up.

WorkingWomanCheerleader Mon 02-May-16 13:33:45

PastaLaFeasta it sounds like you need a boost to your confidence before you apply for any more jobs! I'm a career coach specialising in helping women get back into the workplace or change career and I see this same situation over and over.
You don't really sound overly keen or enthusiastic about a move into finance? Are you sure this is what you really want or is it the only thing you think you're likely to get?
I often find with my clients that they are much more likely to get a job when it's something they are really passionate about.
I'd be happy to offer you a free coaching session but I'm new to mumsnet and not sure if that's allowed? I actually only came on here to find out about how people are dealing with return to work guilt which is another big issue for clients!

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