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looking for work with 1yr old???

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twocultures Fri 22-Apr-16 13:14:51

So I have recently left my job after my mat leave finished as I only worked part time and since relocating it would not be worth the travel at all, they couldn't offer me more hours as they already made cuts due to the new NLW. It was nothing fancy just a dept store position.
Anyway my DP used to earn v.good wage working on commission but he has since left that (it's never a longterm thing anyway) and is now running a medium sized business which won't bring any actual profits in for a while yet which is completely fine as its hopefully our longterm/retirement income.

I won't butter it up our finances are in tatters and to top it off I need a new car as the old one decided it's had enough...
It's obvious that I need to go back to work. I am more than happy to do that and provide it will actually be a nice change from my DP providing for us up to now and I think it will take a lot of pressure of DP and he more than deserves it. The business is the longterm plan but we are barely scraping by each week and we really need that security and a steady source of income so we can actually plan ahead as well as opposed to having to 'see how it goes' because we never know if we'll have anything come in or not.
I want to try and get stuck into a career and have applied for jobs where they are offering potential training on the job or courses during work etc. Which I think is the best course of action for me.
I'm in my early 20s and passed my A-levels and did an extra course after but not at uni.
I've not done much full time work before and especially not whilst a household depends on me.
So my question is has anyone tried starting a brand new career path after having a baby? Is it hard? And what is it like supporting a family(DP will cover all mortgage payments and obv his insurance and petrol etc so I'm left with bills, food and my car expenses and whatever else crops up) ?
My MIL and my Mom will take turns watching DS but how hard is it being away from them after you spent everyday with them? I can't imagine it.

I will appreciate and tips, advice and any experiences of similar situations.
Thanks and sorry for the long note!

twocultures Fri 22-Apr-16 14:13:43

Just read the note back, just to clarify even though I said the business is a longterm plan it doesn't mean we won't get anything at all from it for the next might start bringing a wage in within a year or so or the might be bulk sums here and there. I don't want it to sound like DPs wasting his time with it and it's all on me.

jclm Fri 29-Apr-16 12:21:42

I think you need to speak with a careers advisor. It would also be useful for you to read up on many different types of careers and also to read a careers change guide/book (plenty on Amazon for cheap).

It's great that you've got free and reliable childcare.

If it's money you need to come in, I'd say as a first step, try to get any job in an area you're interested in, which may then lead onto something, or would help you to get into a training/degree course.

Andrea2301 Tue 10-May-16 21:30:33

I was in the same situation last year. Travelling to and from my previous, full time position would have added two hours onto each day, so it wasn't really an option to go back as my earnings would have gone straight on childcare. My partner is in the process of starting his own business, so works very long hours and also doesn't bring in a huge amount of money so we were in panic mode for quite a while!
I've now started my own business which is going well and I can fit it around my son. I did a lot of research into different companies, as there are so many to choose from but think I've got the right one for me.
Have you claimed all of the benefits you're entitled to? We didn't for over 3 months as we had no idea that we were entitled to anything but they really helped ease the pressure and worry.

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