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choosing between two fixed term roles

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rosalux Thu 14-Apr-16 21:07:21

I'm currently 6 months into a 1yr role. At the time of recruitment I was told it was with a view to permanent, but because I was career changing they wanted me to have a trial period. It has since been made clear that the job if it is made permanent is likely to be in a different part of the country. Allied to this, the scope and focus of the role is transforming into a rather different one from that originally explained.
On the plus side, the people are lovely, the work relatively interesting and undemanding (if probably a bit of a dead end) and the commute excellent.

Anyway, after my manager told me about the likely non-permanence of my position I had a look online for other roles and have today been offered another 12mth role at a different organisation within the same industry but more suited to my skills and experience.

Unfortunately the commute is much worse, the pay is slightly worse and it is maternity cover; although as I'm going to start ttc dc3 in a couple of months that's not a complete disaster. In order to buy time I was thinking of asking the new job if they can match my current salary and holiday, but I've never done this and understand that while men routinely do this women don't tend to.

I realise this is all a bit rambling, but does anyone have any thoughts? Including ideas on how to negotiate t&c? Ironically one of my skills is negotiating (I'm a former litigator!) but clearly not for me.

Thanks for your advice in advance

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TomTomKitten Fri 15-Apr-16 22:12:36

It's worth a go but did you know the salary before you applied? If it was advertised as a range (i.e. £28k to £35k) and they offered you £30k then you'd be in with a chance but if it was advertised as £30k and you want £35k then you may run the risk of pissing them off. They would wonder why you applied for a job paying less than you are earning when in reality you are looking for the same/higher salary.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 17-Apr-16 16:39:53

I think if they want you there might be scope to match what you are earning.

I would say "Thank you for the offer. I am very much looking forward to joining you. As you know I am earning £x, are you able to offer me more for moving roles? Ideally I am looking for £x."

Yes they might have advertised it at x, but I doubt they'll be offended if you politely ask for more. They can always say no.

I would imagine there are few men (generalising here) that would move for less....

Ask - what is the worse that can happen?

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 17-Apr-16 16:40:49

Sorry might was meant to be might.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 17-Apr-16 16:41:50

Ahh. Sorry & mean to ask for more than you are currently earning and see what they say.

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