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Going back to law career after 5 years off - HELP!

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RubyD Wed 06-Apr-16 10:00:25

Hi mums, I am hoping for some advice as really stuck about what to do.

I used to work as an employment solicitor but left my job at 5 years pqe as it was really stressful and stayed at home to have my 2 little girls. I have worked on a self- employed basis throughout my pregnancies doing something completely different but it doesn't pay very well so I am thinking about a return to law but in a less stressful non-contentious environment, like conveyancing, and working part time. Employment law has moved on so much in 5 years that it would have to be completely relearned anyway so thinking may as well go for a simpler option.
I would have to do a refresher on the new area as have never practiced it although it was part of our training course and I remember finding it really straightforward so hoping that is the case!

Anyway, this will obviously involve cost and I am not sure if anyone would employ me afterwards since I wouldn't have actually practiced it. One idea I had was to contact local firms in the area and ask to be considered as a locum or consultant and then I would initally have to go and find the work. I am part of a large local mums' network so that might be useful. Or I could ask to intern for a while to get a bit of practical experience behind me first. My husband and I are looking at investing in property so I could do the work for that as well before I try to look furher....argh, does anyone have any advice??

Thank you. smile

SherryRB Wed 06-Apr-16 14:54:03

Have you checked out Obelisk Support? They specialise in finding part-time roles for lawyers. .
Maybe worth having a no obligation chat with local firms about conveyancing? Or have you thought about working as a professional support lawyer?
I used to work in a US law firm (not as a lawyer) and lots of the mums didn't feel they could return for similar reasons to you.
I interviewed a mum who was a lawyer and went onto set up her own business - maybe the interview might give you an idea or two:
Another lawyer mum I worked with retrained as a yoga teacher but before that she was working freelance as a writer helping organisations to write policy. Another lawyer friend retrained as an antenatal practitioner.
My best advice (as somebody who does this for a living) is to figure out what's really important to you - is it flexibility, creativity, stability, etc. Then identify what you really love doing more than anything. What comes easy to you, maybe skills and strengths you take for granted. See what ideas pop out from that.

I hope that gives you some ideas. Good luck.

RubyD Wed 06-Apr-16 16:05:27

Thank you Sherry, that is very helpful. I am actually studying to be a yoga teacher as well but not sure it will bring in the salary we need as a family. I was thinking of combining yoga with something else. I will check out your website too smile

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