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Short test at interview

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maslinpan Tue 22-Mar-16 14:55:54

I have an interview tomorrow (to my surprise!), and they are going to give me a short test before the interview itself. The job is an admin post, quite general, they mention using a database, managing diaries, Microsoft outlook, and 'retrieving data' - all general stuff. Now my question is, how on earth can I prepare for the test? Is such a thing even possible?!
Last time I had an interview I royally screwed up an Excel based exercise, but Excel isn't mentioned so I might be safe. It is relevant to say that I have had 10 years at home, and I have finished a temp job in an office where I got a bit of recent IT experience, but not much. So in a nutshell, what kind of tests would you be expecting if you were attending a general IT interview? I know I can't do a lot of prep in the time available (I only found out about it yesterday), but I would like to improved my chances if possible. This might be an impossible question to answer, but hoping for any advice at all! Thanks

tava63 Tue 22-Mar-16 15:08:15

Why not ask them what is the short test - it would be standard for Candidates' to ask this for the very reason you want to know ie preparation. If the test is a psychometric test it is good (and expected) practice that you get to try some practice questions to get you focused in advance of doing the test for real. If they can't provide these check out CEB and Saville's as they have sample questions. Best of luck.

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