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Can anyone help me word a covering email?

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clairedunphy Mon 21-Mar-16 09:52:24

I'm applying for a part time admin job after a career break of a couple of years since having DC2.

I was previously a self employed IT consultant and trainer for several years, and prior to that was in full time employment in similar roles for 3 different companies. I also have earlier experience of admin and PA work, and am pretty sure I've got the skills needed for the job.

Although it's 'just' an admin job, it's for a small, dynamic, growing company, the hours are flexible, the work itself looks varied and interesting and there might well be scope for progression longer term.

So how can I word a covering email when I send my CV to them so that they don't dismiss me for potentially being over qualified or not an appropriate candidate?

I think I'm mostly concerned that they will be looking for a hip young thing who's starting out in their career, rather than a return to work mum. I won't use the word hip to in their presence though, I'm not THAT out of touch smile


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pippistrelle Mon 21-Mar-16 14:12:51

It's a tricky one, OP, because ultimately, you never really know what, exactly, they have in mind. What you do know is what's in the job description. So, I would just focus on setting out how your skills and experience mean that YOU match the job spec. Concentrate on those, rather than on your additional skills. I wouldn't really mention my personal circumstances and how hip I am smile - wait until interview when you can wow them with what a bargain they're getting.

clairedunphy Mon 21-Mar-16 16:47:51

Thank you, yes best to stick to the facts, you're right. I'll just go for it and hope they at least interview me before jumping to any conclusions. It's amazing how a couple of years out of the workplace can knock your confidence!

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