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JSA/Job interviews/contract

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sharron6970 Sun 20-Mar-16 19:02:09

Hi, going to sign on tom, which I am dreading...thing is this. Been offered a permanent, 30 hour job, which is due to start first week of April. Claiming JSA, so having to apply for jobs regardless, go to interviews. My issue is this-I have been offered two interviews and if I go to these interviews, which is compulsory as part of my claim, and they also offer me a position, what do I do regards the offer of the role I have accepted? When filling in the forms online, there was a number, so I take I have signed a contract? As far as I am aware, I would have to pay back the cost of the DBS, which is fine. I took it, as it was offered at beg of Feb, and honestly didn't see me getting any more interviews! Worried where I stand on this? I would still start the contract given, as it still stands, but would mean a dramatic cut in tax credits next year when my daughter starts an apprenticeship. The other two interviews are for full time roles, permanent.

IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:45:52

Surely you tell them you have a job starting at the beginning of April

sharron6970 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:57:23

Jobcentre will now make me look like I'm a time waster. I've only done what is requested tho...feel anxious when I should be getting excited!

whatamess0815 Sun 20-Mar-16 21:34:37

been there recently. Claimed JSA but found a job which only started 3 weeks later.

they still expect you to do everything as if you haven't had the job offer (e.g. apply for x number of jobs, go to interviews).

can you not go to the interviews? you may prefer one of those jobs?

sharron6970 Sun 20-Mar-16 21:57:38

Still have to go regardless. Glad someone else has been in the same situation..the jobs are both higher paid, hence the full time hours. Just don't want to be breach of contract if I do decide to take a job if its offered

whatamess0815 Mon 21-Mar-16 06:53:54

oh, you are worrying about not starting the 30h contract as you signed it - I would not. you haven't even started. it happens all the time that people change their mind last minute. take the job that is best for you.

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