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Full Time applications - best way to ask for job share/part time consideration?

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ArtyFartyQueen Thu 17-Mar-16 16:30:08

Hi All,

Sadly being made redundant in 3 week time so I am on the job hunt. There are a couple of jobs that I have seen that seem right up my it were but they are advertised as full time. Wondered if anyone could suggest the best way to go about putting in an application and asking them to consider the position as a job share or part time etc? Is it best to ring, email before putting in my application or just include it in my cover letter. Any suggestions on the timing and wording of this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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IceMaiden73 Sun 20-Mar-16 07:24:36

I was ask during the application process

From personal experience it's very annoying if you advertise a full time role, find the perfect person and then they turn round and say they don't want to work full time.

The role was probably advertised as full time for a reason, please don't waste everyone's time

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