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Return to work after maternity leave NHS Wales

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hrc2016 Thu 10-Mar-16 17:27:26

Hi, I wonder if there is someone here who can help me. I'm currently on maternity leave and considering my options regarding returning to work. I currently work for a health board in Wales and my understanding is that you have to return to the same employer for three months after your maternity leave to avoid having to repay your maternity pay. My question is, does it have to be the same trust or can it just be ANY NHS employer? Anyone have any recent experience of this? Many thanks.

Moggysinger Fri 11-Mar-16 16:23:17

My understanding is that it can be any nhs employer. Even a different trust. My sis in law is on mat leave at the mo but she hated her previous job and has just gotten a new one with a different nhs trust. They are willing to hold the job for her until she finishes her mat leave in August. She's not told her old trust yet. So it def is possible. Good luck!

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