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Anyone feel undermined and lack of confidence going back after maternity?

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farmerswifeetc Wed 24-Feb-16 22:17:03

Just wondering if any other mums feeling the same....and will it pass?! Been back for 8 months now after having DS2, had 6mnths off for maternity same as with DD1 but this time around is taking me ages to get back into things. Without going into detail my job is pretty stressful and requires nerves of steel at the best of times, but I've been doing it for 12 years now so not exactly the new kid on the block but definitely being made to feel sidelined and my rock bottom confidence is taking it very personally. Only work 3 days a week which is plenty as my DH works mad hours and very little support from family.

TeaBelle Wed 24-Feb-16 22:23:21

Sorry, I have no words of wisdom other than to agree that I am in a similar situation. My line manager was moved while I was on maternity leave so I have gone back to a new management team who have less experience than me, but constantly treat me as though I gave birth to my brain alongside my dd. It sucks and because it's all done very slyly there's no comeback

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