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Re-training in massage/sports massage?

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Captainladder Wed 02-Mar-16 21:27:54

hello! Just wanted to say that I've started training as a sports and remedial massage therapist with NLSSM.

I didnt have a problem touching strangers, but you'd have to get over that pretty quickly! What I have found is that it is a HUGE commitment. My course is over a year, pretty much every other Sunday 9-4, (some gaps for holidays etc). The amount of coursework and learning you have to do is intense, so be prepared for all your spare time to be spent with your head in an anatomy book. Plus you will need to be able to organise your life to fit in massage practice, (we have to do 100 hours). Its really alot to fit in with little ones (I have 2 who are 5 and 7) BUT it is brilliant and I am really enjoying it.

I'd say if you are seriously considering it, I would go and do an introductory weekend and see how you get on.

curlyLJ Wed 24-Feb-16 13:51:22

Have been a SAHM for 2 years and really need to do something new for my own sanity!
With 2 young DC, one of whom is at school, re-training is my best option and have been thinking that massage, either holistic or (preferably) sports massage might be a viable option for me as, once trained, I could fit work around their needs easily.

The thing is I am not 100% sure it's for me - although have been seriously considering it for a while - as I need to get past the thought of touching complete strangers first! Am wondering if my apprehension is purely because I haven't done the training yet, hence it is a fear of the unknown and once I know what I am doing and have practiced a bit, it will be fine. The courses are expensive though, so I would need to be fairly sure before proceeding!

Has anyone done this and had similar initial worries and either found it was OK once trained or anyone gone ahead and really hated it? Am looking for both 'for and against' stories before I part with my cash and go and do an introductory weekend!

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