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Part time application help

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Blueredballoon Wed 10-Feb-16 09:39:16

I'm applying for a job after being made redundant on maternity leave and being a sahm for a while. I was with my previous company for a good few years so applying for new roles is all a bit alien to me!

The job advert says they will consider any combination of working up to full time hours inc part time/ job share/ flexible hours. Ideally I'd like part time hours, but just wondering how best to phrase it on the application. Do I need to even mention it on the application, or wait for a hypothetical interview?

Many thanks.

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FranKubelik Wed 10-Feb-16 20:05:14

I don't think you need to mention it on the application form. They've indicated that they are open to different types of arrangements so the specifics of that would be something to discuss at the interview/offer stage.

Good luck!

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