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crouch end childminders

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madcyclist Fri 21-May-04 20:24:04

Having had a second childminder let me down before I've even started back at work , I need to find a new one in the next 3 weeks!!!
Anybody know a good minder with a vacancy?
You can contact me through contact another talker if necessary.
Thanks in anticipation -)

SofiaAmes Fri 21-May-04 23:10:19

madcyclist, I don't know anyone in that area, but have you tried looking on this website. Lots of kiwi's and australians advertise and I know many others who have found nannies and aupairs there.

Gem13 Fri 21-May-04 23:32:49

Will ask my friend who loved hers (but moved to the south coast).

Will email you tomorrow with her details.

madcyclist Sat 22-May-04 08:34:42

Gem13, looking forward to hearing from you...

I looked at the site Sofia, does anybody have an idea how much to pay for a live out nanny/help/minder for 3 days a week?
Childminders cost £35-55 a day, but the kids go to their homes.
Thanks from a pretty stressed mum.

madcyclist Tue 25-May-04 10:04:45

bump. Anyone???

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