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help, informal interview!

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Titsalinabumsquash Thu 21-Jan-16 12:40:19

I've applied for a cleaning position to earn some extra money for savings. I've been invited for an informal interview in a local coffee shop.
What should I wear? I've never had an interview before and don't know how the informal bit works effects my behaviour and appearance.

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 21-Jan-16 13:43:02

Smart casual. So...trousers and a nice top...or if you wear skirts/dresses wear that with a nice cardigan, tights and boots.

Informal means don't wear a suit and there's no pressure. It's a meet up to say hello...a chance for you to learn more about the job and for them to learn more about you.

They'll probably ask if you want a coffee...say yes...try to use the interview as a chance to ask a few questions.

Have you really never had an interview before?

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 21-Jan-16 13:51:12

Not for a job, I have for college.

I went from school to caring for my grandfather then my mother in their respective final years of life, then my DS was born with a health condition meaning I've spent the last 11 years as a Carer for him, he's stable enough now for me to feel able to look into a few hours work a week and I'm not feeling all that confident about my own employability. blush

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 21-Jan-16 13:51:52

Also, thank you for your reply and advice. smile

TheHouseOnTheLane Thu 21-Jan-16 13:53:50

Oh you'll be employable Titsalina! You've looked after all those people and not only is that cleaning but it's also management of paperwork and organising appointments etc.

Just be yourself...don't worry...imagine you're famous and they're a journalist...that's what I makes you appear important and confident! grin

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