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Advice about returning to different role in NHS

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kansasmum Wed 20-Jan-16 21:13:16

My Dd is about to return to work next month after maternity leave.
She works for an NHS trust as medical secretary. She really hates the job mainly due to a horrible manager.
Her pregnancy was very unexpected ( told kids wouldn't happen) and she didn't qualify for SMP just maternity allowance.
She moved from a job in GP practice to the NHS trust and this counted as continuous service.
She wants to apply for another GP practice role now and not return to her Trust job.
However as GP practices are both NHS but also private businesses she isn't sure whether, if she got the GP practice job it would mean she would have to repay her maternity allowance?
Anyone on here know?
She's going to ring her Union and see what they say but just wondered if anyone had similar experience.

MRSSF1 Thu 21-Jan-16 11:20:01

From what I know Mat Allowance is payable depending on when and how long you have worked not where - it's a substitute for those who for whatever reason don't qualify for traditional Maternity pay. It was a lifesaver for me! I can't imagine she'd have to pay it back as it's not paid by her employer it's paid by the government. I finished my temporary contract soon after going on mat leave and was able to claim Mat Allowance as I didn't qualify for SMP. There was no obligation to return to work or to pay back the MA if I didn't. I would suggest she confirm with the Union/HR as to whether she's comiited to come back to that same role etc but that wouldn't have a bearing on her MA. Hope that helps!

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