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Return to work after maternity leave

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Lolly1984 Mon 18-Jan-16 21:29:21

I work for a charity, renowned for poor employee treatment, I have been on maternity leave since the end of May 2015 but off sick with pregnancy related illness from Jan 2015. I made it very clear, in writing I would be taking a year off but never gave them a restart date.
My plan is to take 10 months maternity (being paid maternity allowance due to being off sick and this ends at the beginning of Feb) and then ask them to split the holiday I've accrued over 2 months. This will enable me to have some income for March and April. I'd like to do some kit days through May to get ready for my return.
They invited me to training last month, when I queried if this was paid I had no reply. Then I queried timings as initially it was 6 hours, got no reply. In the end I said I couldn't do it due to childcare to which they finally replied that I could do it in house when I returned.
I've emailed twice asking for a return to work meeting and if they can advise me about holiday pay etc, they just don't reply!
I'm a bit stuck now, do I keep emailing, or write a letter, or just turn up?! I've hardly heard from them the whole time off sick and maternity. They've employed someone to cover my maternity leave, but since created another job for her, meaning there are 2 full time members of staff where as the roles are only enough for one full time and one part time so I'm scared I've not got a job to go back to!
I want to alter my working hours, they are currently 9-6 (but no contract, that's another issue) but when I've applied for flexible working before they've turned me down.

Basically I feel if I can't do my 'contracted hours' they will use this as an excuse to get rid of me coz they 'prefer' my maternity cover and them not replying to any requests for kits days, holiday pay and return to work date is just making it awkward for me!
Hope that all makes sense....

Avpixie27 Thu 28-Jan-16 00:03:10

This is so odd i was/am in the same boat. I started my job for a charity and within a few months discovered i was pregnant. Heard nothin off my head office regarding maternity then got told "sorry you dont qualify for maternity" my manager decided to take holidays leaving me (6months pregnant) working full time with no support again. I was verbally abused by volunteers and still nothing. I told them 2 months ago about me returning to work but my concerns as that volunteer is still ruling the roost. They tell me they cant get rid of them and basically singing the praises about my replacement. When i went for a meeting last week they were implying that eventually id have to be full time therefore id have to pay all my wage to childcare which made me upset before once again saying how great my replacement is.

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