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Reasonable adjustment?

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ChrisM40 Wed 13-Jan-16 17:22:55

I have an as of yet not fully diagnosed pain problem. Its like fibromyalgia in that I have excess pain, and trouble sleeping, restlessness etc. My doctor has prescribed Amitriptyline which helps a lot, but it creates a problem.

I am contracted to do standby, which may involve being called out any time, but the drug makes that impossible overnight. I have seen the company doctor and he agree its appropriate and that I cant do standby, but HR say that its basically too bad, I have to do it, or leave.

I believe their argument is that because its not a named disability they have no obligation to do anything and wont. Standby is covered 24/7 by about 8 people right now and is being covered, so from a business sense there is no problem, but all I get is that its in my contract, so tough luck.

Even if I got a full diagnosis I believe they would still push for redeployment, even though i am fully capable of doing all other tasks during my regular hours. This seems very unfair and harsh. Is there anything I can do?

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