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Term-time only contracts

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rebeckachristina Fri 08-Jan-16 16:46:24

Hi, has anyone requested a term-time only contract when due back to work? I'm after some help to work the whole thing out so I can present it to my employer in my request.

I'd like to do say 32.5 hours per week over 5 days (6.5 hours per day + 0.5 hour unpaid lunch) term time only.

*Marketing company
*Previous hours per week 36.5, full time, over 5 days, all year round.
*23 holidays + bank holidays when office is closed (are they 8?) = 31
*Annual salary before tax £25 000

Anything else, just ask! Thanks for looking x

kathrunneth Fri 08-Jan-16 22:15:12

Just another option to consider, I've coached mums who have successfully requested a permanent 4 day working week - but then they work full time during term time and "save up" their extra days to use during the holidays. It worked well for them because the clients were usually away over summer/Christmas anyway and so those mums were able to be around more (full time) when their clients were most likely to need them. Another plus side was that they got paid the same amount every month during the year, so their income was predictable. One of the women was in marketing, which is why I thought of it for you.

I wondered if pitching something like this (3.5 days perhaps, I haven't quite worked out your detailed hours) might work for you?

rebeckachristina Sat 09-Jan-16 10:21:05


Thanks for the message.

So you're suggesting for example Monday-Thursday at full time, tot. 30 hours per week term time (39 weeks) and school holidays (10 weeks) off yea?

How do I word and calculate a request like this please?

kathrunneth Sat 09-Jan-16 14:57:46

I'm no an expert on the calculations but I'm thinking it could work something like this. Please do check it because I've done it very quickly.

You could request a permanent 4 day working week (say 30 hours) and to be paid on that basis. You would probably be entitled to 4/5 of your normal holiday entitlement, so I'm guessing 24 days (4/5 x 31).

[You could get 26 days if they pro-rata your leave entitlement (4/5 of 23) and then add the 8 public holidays but I've assumed the lower number - companies can do it either way but I've assumed the worst case for you just so you see how it works.]

Because you are working 5 days a week during term time, you would accrue 1 day of holiday for every full week you actually work (in term time) - so that's another 39 days. Giving you 63 days (24 + 39) of holidays per year.

That's the equivalent of 12.5 weeks holiday, and is just 2 days short of the number you need, which I think is roughly 65 days (52 weeks - 39 weeks term time).

Your partner or a grandparent or friend might have to help out for those 2 extra days. You might also need them to help you with school inset days or any part days the school have (my son's school often has a half day when they start a term, for example).

You'll want to rework these numbers using one decimal place (I've rounded) and after counting up the actual number of school holiday and inset days your child has.

Does that make sense? Do you think it could work for you?

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