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Handing in notice after mat leave- does annual leave count as notice period?

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Mary809 Thu 07-Jan-16 16:50:34

I'm currently employed by a university & qualified for additional maternity pay, on the condition that I return to work for 3 months (otherwise I have to pay back the additional element). I have accrued 30 days of annual leave & have agreed that I'll take these after my maternity leave ends (1 May 2016), so my physical return to work will be after maternity leave ends, on 31 May 2016. My notice period is also 3 months. If I want to leave this job, without paying back maternity pay, can I hand my notice in on the 1 May, when mat leave ends, or does it need to be upon physical return to work, on the 31 May. I can find no clarification on this in the maternity leave guidance, only 'If a woman wishes to take annual leave at the end of her maternity leave period, she is deemed to have returned to work at the notified date and then she may take her annual leave as agreed with her department'.

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CityDweller Thu 07-Jan-16 16:52:43

My understanding is that the three months counts from the end of maternity leave, i.e. before the annual leave period. In your case 1st May.

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