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DitheringDiva Thu 07-Jan-16 15:59:08

Calling anyone who has experience of the hiring process. Applying for a job, and just deciding who to put down as my second reference. My first reference is my boss from my last job (some temporary work I did in the summer). The instructions then just ask for someone who is 'able to comment on your suitability for this position'. I have 3 options (all are happy to give a reference):
1. A work colleague from about 15 years ago (i.e. pre-travelling/pre-children) who I worked with in a job most similar to the job that I'm applying for and he still works in this industry (the job I'm applying for is in the same industry, but a different role to the one I used to do).
2. A boss from a job I did about 5 years ago, but the job was totally unrelated to the job that I'm now applying for.
3. A close friend, who knows me well now, but I've never worked for her, and she works in a very different line of (high-flying) work to what I'm applying for.

Which would be the best choice, or would it not really matter? I'm thinking 3 is probably the weakest, and would probably plump for 1, but then 2 is more recent, so maybe that one?

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