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What can I do?!

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NC020116 Sat 02-Jan-16 09:13:17

Name changed but I post a lot.


I need to start looking for a job at Easter time.

I haven't worked for over a year and before that worked in a low paid hotel admin role very part time as I didn't need the money and it was more of a hobby!

I am 30 now and a single parent to 4 young children. I find I really crave an interesting, challenging job as I get little adult company at home and I am bored and unfulfilled.

I have really good GCSEs and A Levels and went to a top private school and a good university. I have a 2:2 in Politics.

What on earth can I do?

I can hire a nanny and so not necessarily tied to school hours. I'll get some costs back via childcare tax credits.

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kathrunneth Wed 06-Jan-16 21:31:25

Hi NCO20116, when I do career coaching for people who are returning to work but they don't know where to start, I usually suggest that people start by working out what they enjoy doing and what they're good at. It sounds simple but it's usually anything but straightforward. Think back over your life - include all ages - and make a note of the things that you've done well/things you've achieved, but only note the things you actually enjoyed (not what other people were pleased about or think you should have enjoyed). This will start to give you some clues as to the role structure/type of role/type of area that might be a good fit for you. It's a good place to start your thinking.

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