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Got an interview! Except.....

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Badders123 Mon 14-Dec-15 10:21:52

....I haven't worked (or been interviewed) for 8/9 years!
It's for a job as a pt medical receptionist at a dr practise.
I haven't done this job before, but have worked as a hospital receptionist prior to having my children.
What sort of questions do I need to prepare myself for?
Obv I would have to be trained in their IT systems and procedure but I was wondering if I would be asked about
Data protection
First aid
Legal requirements
Any advice or tips very gratefully recieved!

CremeBrulee Mon 14-Dec-15 10:34:22

Congrats on getting the interview. Your past experience sounds very relevant so definitely talk about that and use examples from then to answer questions.

Attention to detail, patient confidentiality, working under pressure, ability to prioritise, dealing with anxious/rude/aggressive patients politely but firmly will all be important. Good telephone manner too as most appointments booked this way plus increasing number of telephone consultations to organise.

Re the computer system, yes you will need to be trained but as you have worked on hospital PAS systems it won't be that different. Main functions will be registering patients, address changes, booking appointments, managing clinics etc.

Good luck!

Badders123 Mon 14-Dec-15 10:44:20

Thank you.
Feeling very nervous!

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