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scully Tue 18-May-04 12:37:49

Has anyone used a babysitter from the Sitters website? We would like the occassional use of a babysitter (who isn't a friend - no family in this country). This site seems like a good option - has anyone used it?

august24 Tue 18-May-04 12:56:10

I don't know about sitters, I use childminders and I think it is fine, never had a problem getting a sitter. I am not from here also, so it really helped in the first few weeks for me to be able to have someone on call who has been checked out. Of all the women we have had sit(maybe 10 in all) all of been very nice and I have had no problems. It is sometimes hard to get a sitter before 7 from the local area. I now have a babysitter who I hired on my own, but for example she is on vacation right now so I have used Childminders again for a weekly appointment.

dinosaur Tue 18-May-04 13:01:31

Yes, we have used Sitters quite a lot, never had any problems.

Kittypickle Tue 18-May-04 13:15:37

Yes, wouldn't be able to get out without them. Very reliable and we have to "regulars" who are brilliant.

coddycodcod Tue 18-May-04 13:16:48

do you think Scully that you may be able to find a " aowoman of a cerrtain age " locally? I wonder if your local chirch may know of a grandmotherly type who would like to do it

Kittypickle Tue 18-May-04 13:16:58

That was supposed to be "two"

Kayleigh Tue 18-May-04 13:53:36

My ex-nanny is on sitters books and she is wonderful.

LunarSea Tue 18-May-04 15:01:15

A local college doing childcare/nanny training courses is a good bet too. The students are often keen to do babysitting work for a little extra cash, and you get the reassurance of knowing that they've at least had some training in dealing with children.

dinosaur Tue 18-May-04 15:05:11

Yes, agree with Kittypickle - you can get a "regular" babysitter through Sitters and build up a good relationship with them - we have a lovely woman who comes to babysit for us who has two children of her own, quite similar in age to my two, has worked as a childminder and - probably best of all - has an autistic brother, so has lots of experience of autism, so we feel fairly happy leaving DS1 with her.

scully Wed 19-May-04 08:43:16

Thx for all the feedback! Don't manage to check this too often at work
Might give them a try then - hadn't thought of the local college option either, that might be worth a try. dd is 2 now and dh and I haven't been to a movie together since I was pregnant - think it's about time!

Coddylicious Sun 23-May-04 07:46:04

oh and scully our local nursery - the nursery nurses there do it, more expensive than a teenager mind you.

havet your got a 6th former near you ho could at the very least man the phone and ring you?

Kittypickle Sun 23-May-04 08:12:35

I was quite nervous using them at first, it felt a bit weird leaving them with someone I didn't "know" but the lady who came was so lovely by the time we actually left to go out, I felt absolutely fine about it - actually I felt that they were probably in safer hands than mine!. Another plus to using them is if your sitter is ill and can't make it, they will try to arrange someone else. Down side obviously is the cost, it would be cheaper to get a local teenager or someone from a nearby college.

tammybear Sun 23-May-04 16:40:05

whats the sitters website?? im trying to find babysitters too

Miriam2 Mon 24-May-04 13:47:20

Can't do links but it's

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