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Typing from home

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NightOfTheCactus Thu 03-Dec-15 12:35:39

Bit of background - I'm a single parent and have had years of mental health problems meaning difficulty getting back to work. I really want to start earning again - I need to start earning again! I do have plans for a new career direction, which will mean doing a part time MA from September. Also as DD's dad isn't close by, I need to fit around school hours/holidays and also some volunteer work that I want to keep doing that relates to what I eventually want to do.

So I'm thinking something at home and flexible may possibly fit around this - and might help fund my studies when I start them too.

So I was wondering if there is work to be had typing from home? I have a speed of about 80wpm and did loads of different office temping work before I had DD (though that was 9 years ago!) I've had a bit of a look online to see what's out there, but I've no idea who is reputable and it seems a bit of a minefield. Also I'm wondering how much it realistically pays?

Does anyone here earn their living doing this? Please could I have some pointers? Many thanks smile

ajandjjmum Thu 03-Dec-15 13:23:36

I just wonder if there is a demand for this, as so many more people are competent with a keyboard than used to be - certainly when I was young. grin

Do you think your skills could be honed in a more specific way, ie. checking and preparing CVs/offering PA services to start-up businesses etc?

NightOfTheCactus Thu 03-Dec-15 13:34:04

Thanks for replying. I know what you're saying - and I could imagine there would be less demand for that very reason.

At the risk of sounding woefully pathetic, I don't have the confidence right now to do PA stuff or things that are more specialised. My main aim is to find something simple that I'm good at that I can do without too much stress, as I have an anxiety related MH condition. Sort of start out gently and then challenge myself more as I go along...

NightOfTheCactus Thu 03-Dec-15 13:34:52

I can audio type, so wondered if there was any transcription type of thing perhaps...

Holstein Thu 03-Dec-15 13:36:23

I think most of that type of work is outsourced abroad now, to India.
All the medical notes are, that I know of.

Salmiak Thu 03-Dec-15 13:43:35

There are digital transcription companies out there.

I was a medical secretary and so now type hospital clinic letters at home, the pay is not bad, 8p per 56 characters I think... Works out at around £9 an hour roughly for my typing speed but they want at least 5 years of medical typing experience within a specialism. However some days there seems to be loads of work, others there is none.

There are also companies where you type up legal documents from home.

NightOfTheCactus Thu 03-Dec-15 13:56:31

Really appreciate people replying. I don't have medical experience unfortunately. My legal experience is rusty - I only ever worked for solicitors as a temp - though I could probably get up to speed... Are there any companies you would recommend, or do you have any advice on finding out who is reputable? Thanks

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