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Office 2 go - what do you think?

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BadHair Mon 17-May-04 19:19:18

I'm a PA/secretary by trade, and though I'm working part time at the moment (doing something completely different), I'd like to do a few extra hours working from home.

I thought about marketing myself as an "Office 2 Go" - a kind of temping service for self-employed and very small businesses. I was going to offer internet/powerpoint/excel type stuff and also report writing and basic research.

Haven't worked out price structures yet but the idea is to be cheaper than using agency staff, but to charge printing / paper / consumables costs etc according to use. Might even put together some packages and "discounts" to make it look more attractive.

Has anyone done anything like this already? If so does/did it work for you? Or is this a really crappy idea?

bunnyrabbit Tue 18-May-04 12:32:33

Not a crappy idea at all.
whirrrr (brain processing)... lots of people do have PC skills today so I suppose it depends what sector you're aiming at and how easy it would be for someone to convey to you what they need over the 'phone, or in writing, rather than doing it themselves.

Can you do audio? I think there would be a market for this as people could send you tapes of letters/proposals etc to type up. Also I know there is definitely a market for the call service idea as my brother used someone for awhile. She acted as a point of contact/receptionist fielding calls but could also have booked meetings/appointments etc.

If you already have the PC and S/W, and your start-up costs would be minimal, why not try advertising in the local paper and see if you get any bites?

Good luck,


hatter Tue 18-May-04 17:02:32

I don't think it's a crappy idea either. How many builders/decorators/plumbers etc are CRAP at sorting out appointments, sending in quotes, even sending in their bills? And I bet people like freelance journos and consultants of various sorts are even worse. As BR said your start-up costs could be very low and you sound like you could sell yourself, as it were. Putting together packages and discounts sounds very professional. I think you should go for it

katierocket Tue 18-May-04 17:13:26

guardian had an article about this type of service recently,
have a look at this, might be of use.

for some reason can't get link to work (longest URL in the world!)

think it's a good idea but the key is thinking about where you will get your work from.

jampot Tue 18-May-04 17:19:08

Badhair - I was a freelance secretary for 3 years but worked both within office environment and at home, offering the full office thing as I am quite adaptable. I can honestly say that I had more work than I could cope with but in reality only 3 clients. Can fully recommend it as you can obviously charge higher rates than you would get from an agency but still save your clients the time and trouble (and probably some money) by contacting direct. Reckon here in the West Midlands I could probably command about £15-20 per hour (you simply hide the cost of equipment within your rate).

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