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Would you go back after 5 years?

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CountryLovingGirl Sun 29-Nov-15 22:43:25


I left my previous job to be closer to home (although my travel was only 15 miles each way) 5 years ago. I did on-call, as part of the job, so I wanted to close to home. Not long after I started my new job (in my hometown) I was told the department was moving 25 miles away!

Anyway, we only made the move last November but it is becoming harder and harder to get to and from the place (horrid commute) and I do on-call so travel more than once a day sometimes. It just isn't worth it. I am part time. It is causing a LOT of stress as I struggle to get there on time (breakfast club here not open until 8am) and I need to be back for 6pm for the childminder. I am spending 2.5 hrs a day driving (up to 6 hours plus if on call). Travel costs and childcare costs have increased.

Anyway, old boss has informed me about developments of 2 new jobs at my old place (my old job) and has told me to apply once they are advertised. I would love to go back as I never felt happy about leaving there but I was a mum to young children and ...

Both jobs are full time and I haven't worked full time for over ten years so that worries me, although the money would be lovely! No on-call there now but nightshift - one job comes with no nightshifts (ideal for me). My eldest is now at secondary and sees himself off to and from school (goes at 8am and has to get school bus). The youngest is 4 years behind him. Childminder would do extra if needed and she lives close to the primary school. Husband works shifts and is often around (sometimes before school, sometimes after school, sometimes has rest days during the week). New job is shifts too but mainly 9-5 or 8-4.

I am worried how people will be if I go back. I have a few friends there (who I still see for lunch dates etc.) but what will the others be like? My husband says you should never go back to a job you left. I had been there over 13 years. I absolutely hate where I am now, mainly because of the commute. I am finding it very demoralising. Most of my colleagues that moved with me have now left.

What would you do? I know I can't stay where I am and have considered re-training but this would be expensive for us and I would lose so much in earnings.

holeinmyheart Mon 30-Nov-15 07:28:10

Gosh, why wouldn't you want to go back? Your present live/ work balance sounds horrible.
They want you at your old job, you are obviously well liked as you have sustained relationships from your old job over a long period. It can't be worse than you are experiencing at the moment. I would go for it.
Surely it can't always be bad to go back.
The worse you can do is try it . I fail to see how it can be worse than what you have got at the moment.

merrymouse Mon 30-Nov-15 07:33:17

i can understand not going back to a job you left if you left on bad terms or because you hated the job. However if it was just for logistical reasons that doesn't really apply.

CountryLovingGirl Mon 30-Nov-15 20:42:39

Yes, you are right. I have to admit, I was in tears when I left the old job. I had done it for the benefit of my children and not myself really.

Worried about the full time though. Not sure how I will cope with that one after being part time for so long. But, I have noticed how many mums at school returned to full time hours once their youngest was in juniors. Money nice though!

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