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Talk to me about going back full time

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wishiwasrunning Fri 13-Nov-15 16:35:47

Just been offered a job, company I used to work for, ok money but taking a pay cut from what I used to earn as I have no experience in this role.

3 DC 19mths, 4,6. Eldest two at school hoping to get after school club. Youngest has a nursery place.

Company are only offering full time hours five days a week, but I can come in early and finish early. DH supportive and will have to cope with am school run and I will do pm pickups.

So what do I need to know, how hard is it? Will the DC cope? (I've been SAHM for 2.5 yrs) will I cope with not seeing much of them? I'm taking home £300pcm after childcare and petrol, is it even worth it?

But not happy at home full time, very isolated, all my friends work so I'm here in the house solo with a toddler.

Help please!

wishiwasrunning Fri 13-Nov-15 16:38:54

Oh and I need to let them know first thing Monday!

VimFuego101 Fri 13-Nov-15 16:41:39

If you think you'll be happy doing it, then it's worth it. Don't forget they will also presumably contribute towards your pension, so you may get more than the 300 pounds you calculated - and of course, your 19mo will go to school eventually and reduce the childcare costs. If your DH is committed to helping, then you will manage.

Thurlow Fri 13-Nov-15 16:41:49

Go for it! if you're not happy and this is a good company then give it a try. You can always ask to cut down your hours once you're settled in, negotiate a day at home, look for another job, or even stop working entirely (as it sounds like you can afford to do that?) if it doesn't work out.

It's different not seeing as much of them, definitely. But you settle in to new routines. Personally I prefer doing as much housework etc in the evenings, even if I'm knackered, so that on the weekends I have less to do. Or wherever possible, one parent takes all the kids out for an hour or two and the other one goes mad and does a blitz around.

The key as well is organisation. Use your lunch hours to do an online shop and pay the bills. Make sure everyone has their clothes laid out in the morning to cut down on stress, and bags packed.

And treat the kids to the odd night at the grandparents every now and again so get a chance to recharge your batteries!

Fluffy24 Fri 13-Nov-15 16:57:56

It depends how much else you have going on in your life and how you'll be able to cope with short term childcare problems IME.

I went back to work FT with DS at nursery but I'm very tired after work, we have lots of other time commitments, and its been quite tough on me - I feel I am permanently flat out. DS recently had a bug and had to be off nursery for a week and whilst I was able to take parental leave to stay off and look after him, I felt about pressured about abandoning my work and ended up very stressed as a consequence. DH does alot but it's been pretty tough on him too as I'm doing less in the house and if I have a meeting or something at work that I can't miss he has to be available to pick up DS if there's a call from nursery about him being ill etc - it adds to his stress too.

I would've gone mad staying at home so was glad in many ways to be back at work, but money is the main driver tbh - if we didn't need the money (I earn quite alot) I would've gone PT.

My DS is only 10mo, my ideal scenario would've been to work half days until he started school. I don't have much support though - if there were DGP nearby to help if he was ill, etc, then it would be much easier.

DS goes to bed quite early (voluntarily) and I do feel that I hardly see him during the week as by the time I pick him up, get home and get him fed, he's off to bed, but he seems happy at nursery and I don't think it's a problem for him (maternal guilt is a bugger though).

Sorry - not sure that's helpful but it is candid. There will be lots of more successful WOHMs who are able to manage everything much better, I know I seem to be in the minority in terms of trouble coping with trying to do everything!

Lozza1990 Fri 13-Nov-15 17:27:52

If you are not happy at home I would definitely go for it. If you start to miss the kids or decide it's not worth it you can always quit! It's not like you bound to this job for x amount of time. Part time is always an option as well.

wishiwasrunning Fri 13-Nov-15 23:14:08

Thank you for the replies, and for bringing out the positives! I've been so wrapped up in the guilt and what other people will think that I'd forgotten what benefits it would bring.

You're right that PT could be an option as I've done PT for them before, and it's a large corporate to lots of options to move around. Maybe put in flex working request after 6months...

What do you do about after school activities for the school age DC? Currently two dance lessons and one swimming lesson (both in same class). Although I'm sure I could look at another teacher, need to be more open minded!!

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