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How much does a childminder charge?

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carlyb Sun 16-May-04 12:02:05

Please can anybody fill me in on how much a childminder can charge? thanks

lalaa Sun 16-May-04 12:49:53

I think it depends on where you live.
My last one (in Winchester) was £3.60 an hour, no meals. My new one (in Wiltshire) is £3.50 an hour all meals included. If you're in London, it's probably more expensive. Also, find out if you need to pay when you take your child out of childminder's care, even though the childminder is still available (eg you go on holiday) and on bank holidays. You shouldn't have to pay if your childminder is sick or on holiday or looking after their own sick child.

twiglett Sun 16-May-04 12:52:20

message withdrawn

popsycal Sun 16-May-04 13:37:10

currently £3.00 per houir - but we are in the north east....apparently cheaper than the going rate elsewhere

Kayleigh Sun 16-May-04 14:16:06

£4.00 an hour in Herts/Nth London. All meals included.

TurnAgainCat Mon 17-May-04 10:11:42

£5.00 per hour London, but I think it is cheaper if she minds the child all day long.

Twinkie Mon 17-May-04 10:14:00

Ours charge £30 a day and she feeds DD her dinner at night - although DD is at school for 2.5 hours everyday. Oh DD is there on the days that I work from 8ish to 5.30ish.

marialuisa Mon 17-May-04 10:23:28

We pay £20 per day for 8a.m.-5p.m. for DD during the school hols. This includes a homemade, cooked lunch with pudding and drinks and snacks. We're in the north-west though so I think this might be why it's cheaper!

Grommit Mon 17-May-04 10:27:32

£3.50 per hour in Herts - inc meals and we do not pay when childminder is on holiday or sick

JanZ Mon 17-May-04 12:28:28

£2.50/hour, including lunch but excluding nappies. This is in Glasgow.

Before he started eating "ordinary" meals, (ie while he was weaning) I sent lunch in, as she's more like a nursery in that there are 3 that run it (her, her mother and MIL), so she wasn't able to customise food per child.

I also send in an extra wee bottle of milk, for his afternoon nap. I suspect he doesn't need it anymore - but it is part of his routine.

We pay for bank holidays and when we go on holiday, but not when she is shut for her own holidays - which is just one day in November (they have a girls' weekend away) and the fortnight over Christmas. Because she always has cover, she's never shut otherwise, as they take it in turns to go on holiday.

muminlondon Mon 17-May-04 12:34:57

4.50 per hour in SW London inc meals. Have seen cheaper but nowhere near as nice.

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