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full time job

(2 Posts)
littlecharmer2016 Wed 11-Nov-15 08:52:33

Hi Ladies

I have a potential full time job offer in a nursery working 8-6 mon-fri

it's £40 a day (with staff discounts) for my son to attend the nursery that I'll be working at, and it would be easier for me to take him there too

my problem is, it's £200 a week just on nursery fees

does anyone know of anyway that working mums can get help with nursery fees?

any info will be helpful!

thank you! xxxsmile

Suziki Wed 11-Nov-15 23:36:20

It might be worth checking if you qualify for working tax credit which is meant to be helping pay for childcare if you haven't tried this already... gives a pretty good picture of all the help you may be entitled to...

all the best

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