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Unsuccessful application and want advice on next step please

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alltouchedout Mon 09-Nov-15 17:20:46

I recently applied for a civil service job. I was unsuccessful- very unsuccessful as I have just checked online and my competency rating is '1'. I'm a bit confused by it really, as I took a lot of care to demonstrate each competency fully, giving examples and outcomes each time. I had everything they said was essential, and three of the four desirable criteria, and honestly, I wrote exactly how I met each one. I could understand a 2 or 3 (still be disappointed of course) but a 1? It has made me feel such a tit!

I emailed the contact in the original advert asking whether there is a chance of any further feedback but I know people have far more important priorities so I do not really expect a reply. I don't know what else to do though. I have the experience and qualifications, I used the civil service recruitment guidance when checking my form before submission, I checked and had others check my spellng and grammar, I gave evidence based statements throughout, my accompanying CV was targeted, etc etc. I've obviously really fucked up somewhere but how do I work out what I got so very wrong?!

Also why, in my mid 30s with good qualifications and years of good work experience and good references and so on, does one rejection have the power to make me feel so useless?

BikeRunSki Mon 09-Nov-15 17:27:45

I work for a government agency and we use a similar recruitment process to the civil service. I once failed to get an interview for a job I thought would be a walk over. Feedback said that the competencies I demonstrated were appropriate, but not strong or deep enough ie: yes, I had worked with and influenced an external body, but it was only a single individual.

Re feedback: I would ask HR directly.

alltouchedout Mon 09-Nov-15 17:38:49

I didn't even slightly demonstrate them if I'm reading the feedback score correctly! Argh! Thanks, I'll contact the recruitment team tomorrow and ask if they can help. Although it might not be feedback I want to hear...

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