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Tell me about being a teaching assistant.

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Bonywasawarriorwayayix Fri 06-Nov-15 14:08:19

I'm thinking of a career change (currently a SAHM) once DS starts school in 2 years. Both MILS are early years teachers and have suggested I become a TA.

I'm looking for something more positive than my current qualification of being a property solicitor, it would be handy for school holidays and I enjoy being both other peoples' small children. So, is it as positive and enjoyable as I imagine? How hard was it to find a role? I appreciate I'd have to build up volunteer experience and do a further qualification.

jct1234 Mon 09-Nov-15 13:29:39


I teach teaching assistants and jobs are becoming harder to find because of government funding cuts. The best way into a school is to volunteer first go over and above what they are asking from you then they won't want to lose you I have known some school create posts for really good people. There also tends to be a lot of internal vacancies where the school will not advertise externally for posts so the volunteers get first dibs. You will need to get qualified though starting at level 2 if you have not done it before then moving to level 3. I am afraid there is no funding for level 3 anymore and the courses are ridiculously high you will be offered a student loan for the level 3 may get funding for level 2 depending on your circumstances but you will need to get a placement first. What area are you, north, south or Midlands?

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Wed 11-Nov-15 13:39:55

Thanks for your reply jct . I'm in East Anglia. It sounds like you have to really really want to do it now, so I'll see if I can volunteer asap to get a proper idea.

AngelSings Thu 26-Nov-15 18:13:53

I also live in East Anglia and started my first ever TA job this month after getting bored with my office career path. Over the last two years I regularly volunteered at my son's school, became a midday supervisor at another school (also a great way to get into a school and move on up when vacancies arise) and I ran a weekly after school club. Just get your face out there basically.

Most schools would like you to have a Level 2 NVQ but you can only do that if you have a placement since it's competency based. Instead I paid to do a knowledge-based CACHE Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools (online through Stonebridge Colleges). Apart from giving me a qualification to put on applications it also was a great way to learn about schools as organisations, policies, building relationships, effective communication etc. All things that might come up in a TA interview and beyond.

Good luck! Having 2 years will give you a great opportunity to stack up experience.

My3andme Fri 27-Nov-15 19:58:00

I was just about to start a thread about the same thing. SAHM with 2 young children, youngest gets her nursery hours next September so i want to go back to college and retrain as a teaching assistant. The hours and the holidays are what i need because my husband is forces so if he isn't around have no childcare and also its a job i have always wanted to do.

AngelSings how was the course doing it online?? Did you volunteer at the same time as doing it to gain experience??

SquareStarfish Fri 27-Nov-15 20:02:13

The tas in my school have always been volunteers who, if good, get asked to apply for the next job which comes up (or they create them one).

Word of warning though- the pay is awful.

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