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6 month contract?

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Eey0reandp00bear2 Wed 04-Nov-15 21:35:51

Have recently started a new job. I have received my contract and it says it's only 6 month position and it will finish on a specific date. I am happy with this but how to I apply for other positions within the same place (more hours or longer term) or do I have to wait until the six months are up? Then hope there is another position I can apply for and(hopefully)get? New to me and I am unsure, any advice appreciatedsmile

NoodleNuts Tue 10-Nov-15 11:10:31

Probably best ask them? Did you know it was a temporary contract when you applied? Is there any chance of it being extended/made permanent?

I did a 9 month temporary contract and a couple of months before it was due to expire, I let my line manager know that I would be applying for other things. They were fine with that but kept me on in the end anyway.

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