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Help me fill in this online job application!

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eastwest Sun 25-Oct-15 13:34:58

I've tried applying for jobs online and always get stuck at this point because of my non-traditional work situation. It is one of those online forms - so no flexibility about how you present the information. It just says: Present or most recent employer, and then asks for the details. Problem is, I am mainly self-employed and do a wide range of different kinds of work within that (e.g. I produce written content, I also run workshops on how to produce that kind of content, I created and direct a project which is aimed at supporting disadvantaged people in my area of work - so loads of things that all come under a broad heading). I am also employed, but it is a small part of what I actually do to earn money (a part-time job, basically). I am not sure how to approach this form at all. Do I give my employment, then do I give my self-employment broken down into the different kinds of work I do (workshop facilitator, content producer, etc.) or do I just give my self-employment all in one entry even though it covers so many different kinds of work? Help!

eastwest Sun 25-Oct-15 13:50:58

It also asks for things like 'notice period' and 'salary' which don't exactly apply, because it is a one year contract only and I am paid per hour.

GreenSand Sun 25-Oct-15 14:11:38

Present employer: self (or name of your company if registered)
Role: Area you work in specialist, producing content, facilitating workshops and working with disadvantaged people in XYZ.
Details: more info
Salary: £1.23/hr

Unless the PT work is more relevant to the job, if its just a money maker, and not relevant, put as previous jobs b, but with dates to current.

Notice: when could you start work for them? Would available from 1 Dec, or immediate availability sort of answer work?

Good luck

eastwest Mon 26-Oct-15 19:06:28

Thank you!

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