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Advice needed on how to present my CV

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lancerate121 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:45:00

I would like your advice on how to go about my cv. I have worked in various jobs for short period of time, from 3 months to 6 months. After I graduated I did a 1 year job in IT field. Later I have worked in admin, receptionist and sales assistant roles. I have recently started applying for jobs in IT field after a gap of 7 years. I have been advised on not to show my receptionist and sales assistant roles due to them not being in sync with my IT job. This makes my cv look really bad due to the huge gap between the IT job n admin job. How do I explain in the interview this gap? In my last interview , I didn't know how to answer the gap and obviously didn't get the job. Would like advice on how to go about my cv. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Roger007 Sat 24-Oct-15 10:19:58

You're in a well trodden place that many are able to overcome so you can take some solace from that.

Essentially, you need to convince the hiring manager you have the competencies for the job you are applying for; if you don't have them then of course you wouldn't be applying in the first place.

The trick now is to demonstrate your competencies via the medium of a CV, which is more than just listing your job history.

I'd be happy to provide some feedback on your existing CV if that would help.

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