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how did you prepare/cope with your first time away from your baby?

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bright0nmama Fri 16-Oct-15 17:34:23

Hi everyone

I'm longing for advice/guidance/tips/reassurance... I'm currently based in France on a family sabbatical (with husband and DS1 (almost 5) and DS2 (almost six months). I went back to the UK for a job interview this week and took DS2 with me. I've got to the second round and have to go back again next week, and have decided to take DS1 with me this time and leave DS2 with my husband, his father. I'm still basically exclusively breastfeeding, although have used a bit of formula here and there if I've been out and about.

Now that everything is booked I'm feeling AWFUL about it. I'll be away from him for three days/two nights. With DS1 I didn't have a night away from him till he was 18 months! So this is a WHOLE new ballpark for me. Has anyone else done this or something like this? How do I prepare (physically, as in getting ready to keep up milk supply while I'm away, how to pump on the sly, and mentally).. any tips for the father while I'm gone, and anything to reassure me that the baby isn't going to forget me?

Thank y'all

Ex-hippy mama

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