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Anyone know where I can learn sageline 100?

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Easy Tue 11-May-04 15:55:30

Help. You lot are so resourceful, someone might know the answer.

I'm looking for a job fairly ugently. Pref. I.T. Management, but beggars can't be choosers.

I used to teach and support users on computerised accounting systems (I did accounts for my degree), and could do accounts for a company, but my products knowledge is seriously out of date (Pegasus, Tetra, Chameleon). Anyone know how I can get some exposure to Current Sage accounting products (no spare money to pay for a course right now).

Lots of jobs out there for people who know the software.


littlemissbossy Tue 11-May-04 16:00:11

sage do their own training discs so you can complete it at your own speed, the last one i got was about £50 +VAT. their website is here HTH

Easy Tue 11-May-04 16:09:33

Thanx LMB, trouble is that's for sage line 50, I need experience on Line 100, (and if possible Line 500) products, aimed at larger businesses. I'm pretty sure they are VERY similar to the Tetra software I used to support (Sage bought the company a while back) but I need to see it.

Sage themselves are very unhelpful, as I'm not a dealer or corporate customer. The one contact I had went bust last year, while I was on my bed of pain.

littlemissbossy Tue 11-May-04 16:31:19

Easy, as I am an existing Sage customer/got an account with them, I have emailed them informing them that you are not a business customer i.e. private individual and asked them to be helpful!!! If/when they respond I will forward details through mumsnet for you. HTH

Easy Tue 11-May-04 16:35:25


Thank you, that's very kind. Above and beyond the call of duty. Hope they can be helpful, thanx.

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