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would you change jobs now?

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Brightsideisbetter Wed 09-Sep-15 17:28:09

hello - I would love some advice!

I have just found out I am pregnant (not even have 12 month scan yet) but suddenly everything seems to change!

I have an interview for a job which is a side step/ step down. Its a big pay cut, plus I would miss out on mat leave, however on the plus side it is outside of London which would mean that I could cut my travel time from 1h15 to around 30 mins and will be far less stressful than current job (which is pretty full on).

I think with us both working full time (no way my current job would give me part time and we considered husband's but he has just had a promotion that wont allow it in next couple of years) and childcare (no family near by to help) it might offer a far better solution - however its a big move to make and will be a big reduction income - but possible (goodbye summer holidays!).

As these jobs don't come up very often I am thinking although it seems crazy I am going to go for it. It could work for the next few years and then I could go back to more full on job in London.

From your experience of working and having kids what would you do? Am i crazy to be considering even going for a new job when pregnant?!

Boardingblues Wed 09-Sep-15 20:47:06

I believe that the interview is a two-way process, so my advice is to go to the interview and see if you like them and if you actually want to work for them. Could be that for some reason you decide the organisation is not for you therefore the dilemma goes away??.!

However, to change jobs whist pregnant is not so mad. However, as an employer I have made offers to people only to find out then that they are pregnant. In large organisations that is bearable, but in smaller organisations it can be a complete pain! In a new job, going back after CB you could have less flexibility / goodwill for doctors appointments and so on. That should be a factor in your decision making I thnk

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